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Ah you're here, great.

Welcome to the super secret designer's area we hope you enjoy new pen and idea pad. As a thank you for all the designing you or your young designer(s) have been doing, the top boffins at The Extraordinaires Design HQ, have given us the green light to give you special access to this bonus area.

Here is your new project!

Picture of the Vampire and the new project which is "A Place for Healing"

Can you design a Place for Healing for the Vampire Teen?

Maybe this could be the first design project for your new idea pad?

Don't forget to ask questions and 'Think' like a designer: 

- Starting point - Look closely at the doodles on the Design Project card. How might these concepts be used as a starting point for your design?

- Ask why? Why does the Extraordinaire need this new building? What will it enable them to do that they couldn’t do before?

- In and Out - What is the biggest thing that needs to be in the building? How will you get it in and out?

- Stay or go Is the building  permanent or is it temporary? Does it move or will it stay in one place?

- Decorate it - Think about the personality of the Extraordinaire. How will you decorate the building so they like it even more?

- Think eco How can you make your building better for the planet?

Share your projects

It’s always good to share why not present to a friend or classmate. Alternatively you can download our Extraordinaires App by clicking on the links below


Inspired to take your design from the page to prototype

Check out our Design and Make series here! Here we show you how to create and build your own designs using everyday materials.

Design and Make: Fairy Seat

Extraordinaire: The Fairy
Design Project: Somewhere to sit

Design and Make: Pirate Parrot

Extraordinaire: The Pirate
Design Project: Something for carrying things

Design and Make: The Arcane Journal

Extraordinaire: The Wizard
Design Project: A Timekeeper

Design and Make: Werewolf Hide-out

Extraordinaire: The Werewolf
Design Project: A hide-out

Design and Make: Flying Vehicle for Evil Genuis

Extraordinaire: The Evil Genius
Design Project: Flying Vehicle

Design and Make: Ceremonial Outfit

Extraordinaire: The Vampire Teen
Design Project: A Ceremonial Outfit

Check out our NEW Release - Clothing

We are excited to bring you our first release since The Extraordinaires Design Studio launch itself.

Imagine in the not-to-distant future, wearable technology is now an everyday thing, we have self-cleaning clothes, protective GPS clothing that automatically calls a search drone when lost; Imagine all of these inventions have been created by your child or student. 

Now imagine yourself paving the first stepping stone on their design journey by giving them The Extraordinaires® Design Studio.