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Designing for The Extraordinaires® is a cinch. In 3 simple steps you can start your design journey, creating great and amazing inventions, gadgets and buildings.

Watch our 'How To' Video

Check out our ‘how-to’ video to learn more about designing for The Extraordinaires®and begin your design journey.

Jump into the world of design with The Extraordinaires® Design Studio! Stretch your imagination as you design and invent things for extraordinary characters with extraordinary needs, like a giant who needs a place to learn or a pirate who wants a time keeper.

Want to try it yourself?

Try our free downloadable design project, giving you everything you need to create your first Extraordinaires® design, including a Character card, Project card, Think card and project paper to draw and annotate your design.

Want to try it yourself?

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Begin your design journey

Check out The Extraordinaires® Design Studio Range

The Extraordinaires® Design Studio: Deluxe

Take your design skills to the next level with this fully immersive design experience. Create inventions, gadgets and much more for a diverse range of extraordinary clients and perfect your design skills. 

200+ Design Challenges

Currently this product is only available in North America.

The Extraordinaires® Design Studio PRO

The ultimate creative workout for aspiring and professional designers. Hone and master your craft in this user-centred design experience, with a full 120 page designers book and tutorial list.

720 Design Challenges