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Interdisciplinary Connections Literacy

How The Extraordinaires® Aligns with Common Core Anchor Standards for Literacy

Using little to no words at all, The Extraordinaires® character cards are one of the most engaging, visually diverse texts that students can utilize

Reading for information and writing to explain ideas are important standards to meet in every facet of elementary and middle school. Teachers need to provide a variety of texts and creative opportunities to their students in order to encourage the development of literacy skills that will become essential in a world where articulating innovative ideas is more valuable than ever. The Extraordinaires® Design Studio adapts well to several Common Core Anchor Standards, giving teachers many possibilities to energize and diversify standards-based learning experiences.

Reading Anchor Standards

  • ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R.1. Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it.

The categories of “Research,” “Design,” and “Improve,” require close reading for technical language and intention. Questions and statements on Think Cards are brief, but convey many possibilities, so making reasonable inferences is important to improving and refining the Design Challenge that a student is attempting to complete.%p

  • ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R.7. Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words.

Using little to no words at all, The Extraordinaires® character cards are one of the most engaging, visually diverse texts that students can utilize. The lives of these extraordinary clients are conveyed in multiple panels of dynamic graphic richness, with minute details that invite complete immersion into stories told in an almost totally nonverbal manner.

Writing Anchor Standards

  • ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.W.2. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.

At various stages of the design process, students can be given the chance to formally write an explanation of the solution that they have devised for their Extraordinaire’s Design Challenge. This task would require students to choose clear language to justify their decisions, to thoughtfully organize the order of their ideas, and to be critically reflective of their own work before they put it into words.

  • ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.W.3. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details and well-structured event sequences.

The Extraordinaires® character cards are filled with visual stories, and students should be assigned learning activities that give them the chance to convey that character’s story. Writing a narrative – especially from the character’s point of view – is rewarding and practical; the art is wholly inspirational and helps young people to avoid the frustrations that come with creative blocks.

Speaking and Listening Anchor Standards

  • ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.SL.4. Present information, findings, and supporting evidence such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

The importance of explicitly defining a presentation’s “purpose” and “audience” cannot be stressed enough to students. An Extraordinaires Design Challenge gives the teacher a broad range of purposes (to argue for an idea, to justify design choices, to inform about a need) and audiences (the class, the Extraordinaire, an imaginary review committee) to assign to students to enrich learning experiences.

  • ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.SL.5. Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance understanding of presentations.

Students can save their designs to The Extraordinaires® Portfolio App via smart phone or tablet. They can name, tag, and annotate the design image for easily accessing it later for a group presentation or sharing to a class page or on social media.