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Bundles of Joy

With an emphasis on supporting a wide variety of educational objectives, The Extraordinaires® Design Studio can assist teachers in meeting curricular standards and engaging in interdisciplinary activities in elementary and middle school classrooms. See how The Extraordinaires® can become a part of your class!

The Small Groups Package

5x The Extraordinaires® Design Studio

Ideal for classroom environments arranged in fixed tables or pods of up to six students.


The Class Set Bundle

1x The Extraordinaires® Design Studio
1x The Extraordinaires® Design Studio Inventions
1x The Extraordinaires® Design Studio Buildings PLUS
1x The Extraordinaires® Design Studio PRO

This bundle provides all Design Challenges offering endless design opportunities for your class.


The Departmental Package

1x The Extraordinaires® Design Studio PRO

Ideal for the academic department that collaboratively plans lessons and shares materials to meet specific student needs.


Want to try it yourself?

Try our free downloadable design project, giving you everything you need to create your first Extraordinaires® design, including a Character card, Project card, Think card and project paper to draw and annotate your design.

Want to try it yourself?

Download your first project

A music player for a Spy...

Click the download button below to receive your project.


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Extra Resources

With you in mind we have developed a page full of extra resources which we will constantly add to. A place where you willl always find inspiration.